The Spanish conquerors

The last Inca ruler named Atahualpa knew nothing about the two dangers coming from the north, which threatened his empire and also himself.

At first, the Spaniards brought smallpox in the Caribbean during their wars of conquest – having fatal repercussions because the immune system of the inhabitants had no protection against the deadly epidemic.

The second danger was more important for history: caused by a group of adventurers around Francisco Pizzaro. He travelled to South America suffering from stress and making sacrifices to get all the glory for him and his country and to become rich. It went on positively: as he arrived in the empire in 1532, the Inca were in their final stage of a civil war due to succession of the ruler.

Pizzaro beat Atahualpa’s army of 5000 men with his 160 adventurers. He captured the ruler. Later, he had the ruler murdered against his promise after extorting immense golden treasures from Atahualpa. Beginning with Atahualpa’s capture and execution, the Spaniards conquered Peru. Pizarro became the most successful conqueror, but he could not enjoy his wealth. Nevertheless, he went down unusually in the annals of history: as he flooded the Inca empire and Spain with stolen gold, he caused unintentionally the first galloping inflation.