1000 years INCAgold ...

... makes you think of strange worlds and ages with riches beyond meassure. Children  dream of Francisco Pizarro and his Conquest of the Inca realm and maybe later on follow Hiram Bingham on his path to Machu Picchu up in the clouds. A mythical Realm and yet its preserved items prove its existence - but only a few were found outside of Peru and only some are made of gold!

The majority of artefacts predate the beginning of Inca culture. Thus earlier realms like the Frias, Vicús, Nazca, Wari, Moche. Lambayeque and Chimù are also discovered, making the exhibition to a walk through the entire peruvian history.

1000 years INCAgold focusses on the precious artefacts. They are the stars made of gold, platinum, gems as well as elaborate pottary like they rarely appear in other comparable quality showings. This exhibition also follows its concept of adressing the whole family. Displays and timelines guide visitors methodicly through the show. Cultural achievements like metal working and craft as well as rituals and death cults are illustrated and explained by special objects of each culture. Therefore 1000 years INCAgold is not just objects in display but a guide for the visitor to the past of the Andes its cultural area and inhabitants.

Soon the exhibition 1000 years INCAgold will open its doors again in Dubai and Katar!